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The Data Center is located at the center of Jihlava in the area of Jihlavské terasy. In the area, there is a restaurant, café, hotel and sufficiency of parking places including indoor parking spaces. Very good accessibility from the nearby D1 highway is an advantage. The Data Center is a part of the Jihlava Science and Technology Park which offers short-term and long-term rental of offices, meeting and training rooms with the total area of more than 5000 m2. We provide space, power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage, and networking a much more.

Four data rooms with 316 racks

200 square meters with 79 racks 600x1000x42U per one room
with two independent PDU´s in each rack.
2x PDU 20xIEC C13, 4xIEC C19 for every rack.
22 racks 2x32A PDU, 57 racks 2x16A PDU in every room.

Own substation

Two transformers 1250kVA each.

Motor generators

Two VISA redundant generators (active, passive) with the Perkins motor and the Marelli generator.


Installed UPSs Conceptpower DPA 500 with modules, 100kW each and FIAMM 12FLB300 batteries.

Fire extinguishing system

Chemical gas-based extinguishing system with Novec 1230. In every protected section, there is a separate fire alarm panel which is connected to a central building's fire alarm system and then directly to the professional Fire Rescue Service. The system of fire detection is composed of photoelectric smoke sensors and also of aspirating smoke laser detection.

Data room cooling system

The cooling system is build as open cold aisle and is based on EMERSON dual fluid units with redundancy (always set as N+1).
Installed cooling power (3+1) on DS1 and DS2 240 + 80kW
Installed cooling power (2+1) on DS3 and DS4 160 + 80kW

Cooling system

Guentner condensers and two Guentner drycoolers are installed on the roof of the data center.

Surveillance room

Service applications of all systems of the Data Center – CCTV, SEC, ACS, monitoring of NON-IT technologies, administration of all IT equipment in the DC.

IT equipment

The data center is fully equipped with HP technology, servers, storage and backup. Network environment consists of 10Gbit LAN, 8Gbit SAN on full optics and management network. All active components are connected redundantly, so there is no SPOF.


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